Screening & Other Considerations

  • Screening plays an important role in confirming your time with me. All screening is mandatory prior to meeting. If you are uncomfortable with providing ALL screening information requested, then do not inquire about booking.  I will ask to see your Drivers license the day of meeting, and name must match what you provided for screening. I do not retain your information. I use encrypted email, VPN, and Swedish servers and hosting.  Maintaining your privacy is of utmost importance to me.  For safety's sake, I do verify the information submitted so please be sure to double check your responses.

  • Requirement One: I ask that you email me your full name, date of birth, phone number, email address that I may use to communicate with you through, and city and state of your residence.

  • Requirement 2: TWO Model References OR Employment Verification

  • References as means of screening: You must provide at least two references from established models whom you have seen in the past 6 months.  These models must have websites & current ads.  Be sure to provide their names, websites, email addresses, and when you last met in your email.

  • Employment as means for screening: Please provide all of the following: Company Name, Your Position/Title, Company Website, Company Main Phone Number and your Direct Line/Extension, Company email address and LinkedIn.  I will never contact you through employment methods without discussing and planning it with you first.

  • My companionship donation is non-negotiable. I am deeply insulted if you try to haggle or ask for a discount.  Please be courteous and have the donation prepared before we meet and placed in an unsealed envelope in plain site prior to my arrival. Never make me ask for it. Do not mention or acknowledge it, as it will not be discussed or confirmed over the phone or in person.  This is imperative so your time with me can be as pleasurable as possible.  If we are meeting in public, you may present the donation to me discreetly in a card, gift bag, etc.

  • Extending your time with me is possible if my schedule permits. An additional companionship donation  will be required at the time of extension for the same original hourly rate. Again, you may leave the additional donation in plain site prior to us spending the additional time together. And again, please make no mention or acknowledgement of it for a maximum pleasurable experience.

  • This is not an offer of prostitution. Donations are for my time and companionship only, and anything that was to occur beyond that is a choice made between two consenting adults.  I reserve the right to only see respectful and generous gentleman, and reserve the right to decline or leave any meeting at any time if I feel unsafe or disrespected without refunding donation.